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On-site consultations for businesses

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At Waterfront Doctors, we know that employees can find it difficult,
to make time during their busy workday to visit their own doctor. That's why we offer doctor visits at the workplace.

Providing your employees with easy access to medical services in the workplace is a great way for your employees to put their health first. In addition, it minimizes the time it takes to see a doctor and prevents illness and stress, which prevents sick leave and promotes a healthy work environment in the company.

In addition to our medical services at our Waterfront clinic in Hellerup, we can provide on-site medical services at your company and act as your company doctor. It's the ideal solution for your employees to see a doctor at a time and place that suits them.

You can choose between having regular on-site medical services, ad hoc medical services or having one of our doctors come to your business to talk to staff about general health.

We help you

We provide you with guidance and recommendations for finding a suitable space in your office to hold consultations. We'll also help with the setup to ensure a private and comfortable consultation room for the patient and doctor.

As part of our service to your business, we offer an easy online booking process so your employees can book directly with us via our online booking system.

Your employees can consult our doctors about any health issue, whether it's a concern, an illness or unresolved physical/mental symptoms. We can perform rapid tests for infection, blood sugar and blood count, as well as larger blood test packages.

All of our practitioners have extensive training in mental health and can help identify acute stress disorders and other common mental health issues in the workplace.