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Private health examination

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If you have symptoms or concerns about illness, you can book an appointment for a private medical examination. The doctor will examine you and make an overall assessment of whether there is a need for further tests such as blood tests, cardiogram etc. As the examination is private, it can be booked by anyone - even those who are not affiliated with our practice

If you have no symptoms of disease or are hereditarily predisposed to serious illness, science does not recommend general health checks. Therefore, Waterfront Doctors does not recommend general health checks on healthy people without hereditary predisposition to serious diseases.

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At the doctor's discretion, we offer, among other things

  • Medical consultation and full physical examination
  • Extended blood sampling
  • Urine analysis
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Lung function test
  • Gynecological tests in women
  • Follow-up with review of results and advice
  • Plan for other examinations if necessary

Among other things, you get

  • Clarification about your current health situation
  • Suggestions for adjustments going forward
  • Preventing future disease
  • Peace of mind if you've had concerns about symptoms

If needed, follow-up in the clinic at a later date and/or referral to specialists is possible.

As all our health checks are customized to your needs, our price depends on the scope of the health check.

Call us for a medical consultation and health assessment on tel. +45 3964 1132