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Waterfront Doctors medical practice in Hellerup

General practice medical clinic

Book an appointment for

    Phone hours:

    • 08.00-10.00 urgent inquiries and same-day cancellations
    • 10.00-12.00 appointment booking, medication renewal and other admin. inquiries

    Via self-service you can also

    • Renew prescriptions
    • Make an email consultation

    We are open for new patients.

    Private healthcare

    As an insurance or private patient, we can help you with the following:

    • Physical doctor's appointment
    • Video or phone consultation with a doctor
    • Prescription renewals
    • Referrals
    • Blood tests
    • Certificates
    • Vaccinations
    • Health check-ups
    • COVID-19 PCR tests with 30 min response time

    Healthcare for businesses

    We offer businesses:

    • Doctor consultations outside working hours
    • Tests and blood tests
    • Vaccinations
    • Doctor consultations outside working hours
    • Health check
    • Alcohol and drug testing

    Please contact us

    Latest news

    Influenza vaccination fall 2023

    If you want a self-pay flu vaccination, you can get it at Waterfront Doctors. 

    Influenza vaccination (4 valent). Call to book an appointment for vaccination. Price 250 kr. 

    The Capital Region of Denmark has decided that General Practice will NOT be able to vaccinate people in the target groups this fall:

    65+ years, chronic diseases and pregnant women 2nd+3rd trimester, children 2-6 years (flu only).

    Please contact the Region for further info on vaccination sites or see

    If you're a new patient at Waterfront Doctors, take a look here:

    At Waterfront Doctors, we make every effort to ensure that all patients feel well treated and that the medical clinic is easily accessible. Waterfront Doctors is located on the 1st floor opposite Wellcome Fitness in the middle of the Waterfront Shopping Center. The shopping center includes a pharmacy, a food store and ample parking for cars and bicycles, making it easy to get to the doctor.

    Regarding referrals and blood tests: All referrals and blood tests are prescribed by a doctor in accordance with the Danish Health Authority's guidelines. Therefore, please book a doctor's appointment when requesting referrals and blood tests. This cannot be done over the phone.

    Regarding renewal of addictive medications such as sleeping pills and sedatives: If you are a new patient, a doctor's appointment is required for renewal of these types of medications. This cannot be resolved over the phone.

    If you are a new patient and have questions about treatment, examinations, medication, etc. please book a regular doctor's appointment where you can receive thorough information, assessment and treatment.

    Our emergency appointments are short consultations that can focus on one urgent issue only.

    Phone hours

    To avoid long wait times on the phone, please be aware of the following:

    The telephone hours of 08:00-10:00 are for inquiries regarding acute illness, where there is a need to be seen by a doctor on the same day and cancellation of an appointment on that day.

    The telephone hours 10.00-12.00 are for inquiries regarding medicine orders, appointments and other administrative inquiries. inquiries.

    MyDoctor App

    Remember that you can use the My Doctor App to order medication, see test results, vaccinations and make video consultations.
    It's quick and easy.

    For those who don't already have the MyDoctor App read more here

    Self-test Chlamydia and Gonorrhea

    You can take a self-test for chlamydia and gonorrhea without an appointment on weekdays between 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:30.

    Waterfront Doctors Medical Clinic

    Video consultation

    We offer video consultations by appointment.

    Video consultation, booked via self-service or with the secretaries on tel. 3964 1132.

    We can solve many issues over video. In the unlikely event that we are unable to help you via video, you will be offered a physical appointment in the clinic immediately afterwards.

    Video consultations are generally offered the same day you contact us.

    The video consultations take place via the My Doctor app, which is available for smartphones and tablets (not PC).

    Doctor at Waterfront Doctors

    New patient? Welcome to Waterfront Doctors

    Waterfront Doctors is once again open for new patients for a short period of time.

    So if you want to change your doctor to Waterfront Doctors, you can do so via -> choice of doctor. Once you have switched to us, it would be a great help if you call your previous doctor and ask them to send us your medical records electronically.

    Appointment booking

    At Waterfront Doctors, we make it easy to reach us by phone and get an appointment quickly.

    Therefore, if you call between 8-10 am, we will offer you a same-day appointment. If you call after 10 am, we will still strive to offer you a same-day appointment, however, we cannot guarantee it. Please note that same-day appointments are reserved for acute issues such as cough, fever, ear/throat pain, conjunctivitis, cystitis, acute abdominal pain, minor wounds.

    For e.g. long-term back pain, pelvic pain, psychological problems, crises/stress as well as prescription renewal, appointment booking and test results, we ask that you call us between 10-12 or alternatively book an appointment online via self-service.