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There are many types of medical certificates and attestations.

They can be ordered by the municipality, the citizen, employer, pension fund, insurance company, place of study, etc.

Please indicate the type of certificate/declaration to be completed when booking an appointment so that we can allocate enough time. The more information the better, e.g. name of the certificate, page number, etc. Before your consultation with the doctor, please read through the entire certificate and prepare to answer any questions you can.

Some declarations/certificates are subject to a fee.

Specifically regarding sick leave

We create a freehand certificate/certificate of opportunity and do not send a bill to your employer. We settle with you in cash and provide you with documentation of your outlay, after which you settle with your employer.

Price list for certificates:

See prices here.

Driving license certificate

Certificate for trip cancellation

Documentation for private health insurance

Duration declaration / freehand certificate / sickness declaration / opportunity declaration

Free hand certificate student