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A referral always starts with a consultation with us. The health problem is assessed, a physical examination is performed, information is obtained about previous examinations and treatments, after which a referral can be made to the right service if needed.

If you are referred to a hospital ward, you will receive an invitation by e-Boks or letter if you have unsubscribed from e-Boks.

When referring to private specialists, such as dermatologists, physiotherapists or psychologists, you need to book an appointment yourself and the referral applies to all practitioners in Denmark. Find info about the nearest practitioners and waiting times at

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Health insurance group 1

Treatment by private practitioners with a health insurance agreement is free of charge for patients in health insurance group 1.

Health insurance group 2

For treatments of group 2 patients, the doctor/therapist charges a fee. This also applies to general practitioners. All hospital treatments are still free of charge.

Without a health insurance agreement

Treatment from all types of practitioners without a health insurance agreement is private treatment paid for by the patient.