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Jakob Fraes Espersen

Specialist in General Medicine, PhD

I studied at the University of Copenhagen and graduated as a doctor in 2008.

Subsequently, in connection with my internship and specialist training, I have worked in many different medical and surgical departments at 4 different hospitals and in 4 different general practices.

In addition, I have written a PhD on the psychosocial consequences and costs of lung cancer screening with CT scans.

During my PhD, I have therefore worked extensively with evidence-based care, teaching, communication and research. I am a member of the Danish Medical Association and PLO.

My hobbies are tennis, mountain biking, skiing, water sports, running and fitness. I love traveling and have been around the world several times and have lived/worked and studied in the USA, England, France, Switzerland and Australia.

I am married and have 3 children.

Jakob Fraes Espersen