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Physical consultation

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At Waterfront Doctors, we take care of all health and wellness issues. We investigate, diagnose, prevent, treat and advise.

We have a large network and knowledge of the healthcare system to help you move through the system. Our skilled nurses/midwives and medical secretaries take care of selected issues that they are trained and experienced in.

Remember to bring your yellow health insurance card, which you must swipe through our welcome terminal upon arrival. This way, doctors and nurses can see that you have arrived at the clinic.

Booked consultation

For all health problems and symptoms that are not acute.

For check-ups, follow-ups, test results, blood tests, child examinations, pregnancy check-ups, annual check-ups, health examinations, counseling, certificates, vaccinations.

A booked appointment lasts 10-15 minutes.

It is important to us to deliver the highest quality in examination and treatment. We do our best to achieve what you bring to us. If we don't achieve everything, you will be rescheduled, as it is important to have enough time to provide the highest quality of treatment.

Book a consultation via book an appointment or call us on tel. +45 3964 1132.

Emergency consultation

In case of acute illness, it is possible to book an emergency appointment on the same day. Please call us on tel. +45 3964 1132. Our open consultation is currently not possible due to the corona situation.

An emergency appointment is a short consultation of max 5 minutes and focuses only on the one urgent reason for the request.

Sick visits

We make sick visits when a patient's basic condition makes it impossible to attend the clinic, e.g. elderly patients with severe walking difficulties or nursing home residents.

It is the doctor who decides whether a medical visit is required. It is generally best for you to come to the clinic, as there are better opportunities for examinations and tests.

The clinic offers an annual home visit for our citizens aged 75 or older. An annual visit gives us an excellent impression of your health and life.